What Do They Say

Electro Fitness has been a game-changer for me. I never thought that a workout could be so effortless yet produce such incredible results. In just a few weeks, my joint pain has disappeared and I’m back to doing what I love – skiing. My muscles have never felt stronger and the impact on my joints is much more manageable. I truly feel 10 years younger thanks to Electro Fitness. It’s an amazing feeling.

Bart Buiter - film producer

The 10-day Vegan Diet program was simple to follow, thanks to the personalized plan and support provided. After just a few days, I already felt an increase in my energy levels and a reduction in my cravings for sweet foods. The weight loss was just a bonus, as the real result was feeling fitter and healthier overall. I highly recommend giving this program a chance and taking the time to invest in yourself.

Rhodé van Ledden - international trader

I experienced major health improvements with Electro Fitness and guidance from Utus. Conventional exercise was too harsh on my back, but Electro Fitness was the solution. Thanks to being in great shape prior to my back surgery, I was able to start my recovery just two weeks later. Electro Fitness has been a lifesaver, allowing me to live pain-free.

Danielle van der Weij - education consultant trainer & coach
My transformation with Sportfasting and Utus’s expert guidance was remarkable. Utus went the extra mile and even brought the treatment to my doorstep by bike. I lost weight, felt energized and was inspired to keep it up with regular exercise and healthier eating habits.
Lars Bremekamp - school principal

Utus is a dedicated and passionate trainer who has a gift for inspiring and pushing individuals to reach their full potential. Electro Fitness has been a huge success in our company, delivering results that speak for themselves. Our staff is now more relaxed, enjoying their workouts more, better focused, and there’s a greater sense of team spirit and friendly competition among them.

Edgar v/d Velde - director of FroQ

With the guidance and inspiration from Utus, I discovered Electro Fitness and never looked back. The free trial class was all it took to convince me, and now I train twice a week. I feel fitter and stronger than ever, and my friends and family have noticed the change in me. I was so impressed that I even convinced my sister to start working out here too. The workouts are challenging but short, and the results are truly remarkable.

Wanda Oerlemans - administrative assistant

The Keto diet has been a game changer for me. With Utus’ guidance and motivation, I was able to stick to it for 10 days without feeling deprived or hungry. He’s a knowledgeable and approachable coach who helped me achieve a significant weight loss. I now follow the Keto lifestyle, and it’s both delicious and manageable.

Herma v/d Velde - administrative officer

“20 Minutes of Bliss! I need to exercise regularly to manage my symptoms. Electro Fitness has been a game-changer for my body, pelvis, and herniated back. The endorphins rush through me every time I work out. Utus designs customized exercises for me, making every session unique. I highly recommend it, thanks Utus!”

Danielle Boekeloo - professional drama therapist

Training with Electro Fitness has been a fantastic experience. With Utus’ expert guidance, each session is both efficient and productive. No more excuses about not having enough time. Just “wake up and get it done”.

Anthony Boelbaai - former national coach Dutch Karate Team