"Push yourself forward because no one else is going to do it for you."

About Utus Papilaja

As a little boy, I noticed that my mother often had pain in her hands. Turns out she has rheumatism and says to me about household chores, “Let me do that boy, because I have pain I have to keep moving.”

Mom, my greatest source of inspiration and motivation

She was right, back then. Exercise can reduce (pain) symptoms and keep you active. Sport is a wonderful tool for that. Therefore, after my career as a professional basketball player and social worker, I started looking for an effective form of movement for me and for my mother.

A health care revolution

That turns out to be Electro Fitness – Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS). A technique that stimulates muscles with electrical impulses. It is a revolution in the fitness world and, in my opinion, also for your health. With minimal stress, you can train your muscles optimally in super little time. It helps me to maintain top athletic level and it helps mom to control the pain of her rheumatism. It works, my mom has been proving that for years. She trains here for 20 minutes twice a week. Her pain levels and medication are low, she is fit and full of life. That makes me happy and motivates me to help you further.

A New Generation of Training Facilities 

Health Solutions believes in personalized education, advice on nutrition, exercise therapy and, where necessary, on supplementation of deficiencies. A healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand. It makes for better attention and sharper focus, but it can also solve all kinds of problems.

The future is yours

Get the best out of yourself, stay healthy, stay active and go for it. I do that with the formula of health, science and sports. That’s the key. It is my honor to be able to help, motivate and support you with that. Fit Together.