About Manggorobe

Manggorobe is a Moluccan compound of meaning. It is about helping each other, respecting each other, seeking the connection ánd it is a kind of primal cry for: ready to go….GO!

What We Do

Manggorobe delivers health improvement programs to individuals, high-level athletes, families, local communities and within workplaces. We will help them change their behaviors and make a difference to their overall health and wellbeing. Based on life experiences we choose for an evidence-based approach. We tap in to the most important factors like thoughts, feelings and emotions which influence our choices and behaviors.

How It Began

Entrepreneur, top athlete and trainer Utus Papilaja starts Elektro Fitness (EMS) in Breukelen. At that time quite new in the Netherlands. His mother, who has rheumatic complaints, is his great source of motivation and drive. It is an effective and a great training to get fit(er) in a short time, to stay fit and to lift yourself to a higher level.

The Human Body a Self-Sustaining Miracle

The lymphatic system is very important for the daily detoxification of the body. Your body may be strong, but your immune system plays an important role. Exercise enough, be stress-free, eat a healthy and balanced diet. Think of the lymphatic system as your own purification system. With digestion working well, your lymphatic system functions optimally to keep all body tissue clean. Top athletes like Lebron James know this and have been using pressotherapy for years. At Manggorobe, we are extremely excited and proud to offer this and help you further.


Change, Results and Success

Are you choosing a better work-life balance, proper nutrition and adequate exercise? Or do you want to address and break those unhealthy living and/or thinking patterns? We are ready for you. You go for success, results and change. Here you get further, so you achieve what you want.

Choose Whatever You Need

Electro Fitness, Pressotherapy and proper nutrition. Science, treatment and lifestyle that is our formula. Tell us about your goals, wishes or complaints. We listen and help you further. Together we get to work. Make that appointment for an Electro Fitness trial class or Pressotherapy trial treatment and experience it for yourself.