Healthy lifestyle, fit living, is done with exercise therapy as well as good nutrition. It brings your body in better shape and balance. That is why Utus Papilaja is also an orthomolecular nutrition and supplements consultant. The Fittergy brand provides responsible products and methods on a scientific basis. Think of this as a kickstart to a healthy lifestyle. The combination of a cure with intensive and personal guidance from Utus makes it your success!


You choose which change suits you

The reasons for paying attention to your food vary. That’s why you have several options to choose from. All methods are a combination of diet, supplements and exercise. 


Gain energy from sugar to fat burning

Sportfasting and the Keto diet help you make lifestyle changes in diet and exercise. With both methods, the muscles and liver are trained to switch from sugar to fat burning. In doing so, you will receive intensive personal guidance throughout the cure and they make a big difference. The The experiences of clients on this are very positive.

Losing weight will work and we will help you

Choose to be fitter, leaner and more energetic. A positive side effect of Sportfasting and the Keto diet is weight loss. Men lose an average of 4 to 6 pounds in 10 days, women 2 to 4 pounds. In the process, the craving for sweets and sweets becomes much less, which helps you persevere. You can also lose up to 4 pounds of weight with the detox treatment. 


Detoxify your body, health from within

By ridding your body of waste products you will have more energy and a leaner, fitter and healthier body. We work with ’the Vegan Switch’ which is a 10 day detox program. You lose weight, you strengthen your gut flora and you get nicer skin. Being able to sleep better is also a common side effect.

We help you persist

Just following a regimen won’t get you there, of course. Discipline means persistence and adjusting your lifestyle. We are happy to help. So that the effects and results remain. 

Contact & questions

Have any questions? Feel free to ask them or make an appointment and stop by for an introduction. We will be happy to advise and guide you and show you everything.