You will do exercises in a special suit with electrodes. That suit sends electrical impulses to your muscle groups and deeper muscles. This way they contract without interference from your brain and it takes less effort. As a result, you get great results in a short period of time. They call this in scientific circles EMS training, which stands for Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS).

Achieve better results in less time

Your body can make twice as many muscle contractions because of the Electro suit than in a normal workout. In fact: 20 minutes of EMS training can be compared to 1.5 hours of intensive muscle training in the gym. Count your winnings. The electrical impulses stimulate all major muscle groups simultaneously and reach muscles you can’t reach with regular fitness.


Fit in 20-minute workout

You will do functional or rehabilitative exercises on the mat in the wireless suit. You will do that for 20 minutes in small groups or under personal supervision. You can do this under the guidance of our trainers or with the help of video training. Sometimes you use light weights, ropes, balls and elastic bands. EMS training is a quick and easy way to exercise that works for everyone, trained and untrained. It brings your body strength and balance.

Hello tight body, goodbye cellulite

Get ready for a beautiful athletic, healthy and fit body. EMS training increases metabolism and rapidly increases your muscle mass and muscle strength. The effect: more fat burning and firmer skin. You not only feel better, you see it too!


Goodbye (back) pain, helps rheumatoid arthritis patients

EMS training can reduce or eliminate pain symptoms. It is very effective for people with rheumatic diseases and other types of physical complaints. The muscle pain is minimal and the effects are great. This is because the strain on joints, tendons and muscles is minimal. After all, you train for only 20 minutes.

Wireless suits and extra hygienic

We have tested all brands of Elekrosport suits and we choose Xbody. This brand gives the best results and the suits are wireless. An additional advantage is  that you wear your own set of undergarments underneath, which is very hygienic.

An introductory session, discover it yourself

Experience for yourself what EMS training can do for you and stop by for an introductory session. Tell us about your goals, your desires or your complaints. We like to get to know you, we listen and we help you move forward.