Healthy, fit and energetic employees are what we all want. As an employer or (HR) manager, you have an influence on this. In times of staff shortages, connecting people to you is profitable. In this, health and vitality play a major role. The use of sportive workshop EMS Training at the office, or Corporate Training, fits in every sustainable personnel policy and is fiscally attractive. 

Get fit in just 20 minutes per workout

EMS training is exercising in a special suit with electrodes that send electrical impulses to muscle groups and deeper muscles. This way, your muscles contract without interference from the brain. A workout lasts only 20 minutes. That’s equivalent to 1.5 hours of intensive muscle training at the gym. Count your winnings. In addition, Incompany EMS training saves travel time. So it fits into the busiest schedules. You will exercise with 3 colleagues in Elekropak. It is fast, effective, efficient and fun.

EMS Training on the Go

Our EMS Studio on the Go is mobile and can be integrated into any space wirelessly. Therefore, it is no problem if the office, building or company does not have its own gym. All that is required is a well-sealed and ventilated space.

Integrating movement & team building for success

Sports Workshop Incompany EMS Training is the most effective and efficient form of incorporating exercise into the daily hustle and bustle of employees. But not only that, it is also team building. Taking up the challenge together, performing together and improving physical and mental condition.Exercising with colleagues motivates and makes starting and sustaining easier. Our offerings range from weekly to monthly EMS workouts.

Back, neck and shoulder problems disappear

For people with sedentary jobs and (back, shoulder or neck) pain, EMS training is a godsend. This type of exercise strengthens your muscles and joints and tendons are subjected to minimal stress. It is a preventive, active and efficient approach to keep employees fit and healthy.

Tax benefits

The cost of Incompany EMS Training can be (partially) included in the work expense scheme. The subscription can be reimbursed, tax-free, to employees. Or you can (partially) deduct the costs for the subscription from the gross salary. The salary is thus lowered by a personal contribution for corporate training. The employer then also does not have to pay social security contributions on that portion. A win-win situation. The advantage for the employee: a cheap subscription. The advantage for the employer: healthy, fit employees, and productive employees who enjoy their work.

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Flexible, professional and effective. Using Incompany EMS Training works and is customized. We are happy to inform you about the many possibilities that are available.