Experience the benefits of electrical muscle stimulation training, where a specialized suit with electrodes sends impulses to your muscles to create deep and effective contractions without relying on your brain. This efficient form of exercise, known as EMS or Electro Muscular Stimulation, delivers impressive results in a short amount of time. We offer On the Go, Personal, VIP and Corporate EMS Training. 

Maximize Your Workout in Minimal Time.

Maximize Your Workout in Minimal Time. Experience the power of Electro Muscle Stimulation training, where your muscles contract with twice the intensity in just 20 minutes compared to a normal workout. Get more done in less time and reach every muscle, even those hard-to-target areas, for an efficient and effective workout experience. Get ready to see the results of your hard work in no time.


Fit in 20-minute workout

Get fit in just 20 minutes with our functional and rehabilitation workouts. Exercise in a wireless suit in a small group setting or with personal supervision. Our experienced trainers will guide you through your workout or you can follow along with our video training. Utilizing light weights, ropes, balls, and elastic bands, EMS training is an efficient and effective form of exercise that works for individuals of all fitness levels. Improve your body strength and balance in a quick and convenient manner.

Say goodbye to cellulite and hello to a toned physique!

Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Ease. Transform Your Body with EMS Training.
Say goodbye to cellulite and hello to a toned, healthy physique. With EMS training, you’ll boost your metabolism and build muscle mass and strength at a faster pace. The result: enhanced fat burning and firmer skin. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll see the difference too! Get ready to achieve your fitness goals effortlessly.


Goodbye (back) pain, helps rheumatoid arthritis patients

Transform Your Body and Relieve Pain with 20-Minute EMS Workouts. Say goodbye to joint, muscle, and tendon pain with our effective EMS training program. By using electrical impulses to stimulate your muscles, you can target areas of pain and discomfort, reducing symptoms and helping you feel better. With just 20 minutes of exercise, you’ll see significant results and a marked improvement in your overall physical well-being. Join us today and experience the benefits of EMS training!

Choose the best with Xbody and enjoy a seamless workout session.

We’ve evaluated multiple brands of electro-sport suits and determined that Xbody is the best choice. They deliver superior results and come in a wireless design. Another added benefit is that you wear your own personal underwear underneath, ensuring optimal hygiene.

Discover EMS with a Trial Session!

Discover the benefits of EMS training with an introductory session. Share your fitness goals, desires, or any physical complaints with us. We take the time to understand you, listen, and support your progress.