About Manggorobe

Manggorobe is a term with a significance in Moluccan culture. It embodies the concepts of mutual support, mutual respect, and a sense of community. It also serves as a rallying cry, urging people to take action and move forward.

What We Do

Manggorobe provides health improvement services to a diverse range of clients including individuals, elite athletes, families, local communities, and workplace environments. Our goal is to empower individuals to adopt healthier behaviors, resulting in a positive impact on their overall health and well-being. Our approach is grounded in evidence-based practices, drawing upon life experiences and incorporating key factors that drive behavior, such as thoughts, emotions, and feelings.


How It Began

Utus, a visionary entrepreneur, accomplished athlete, and skilled lifestyle trainer, founded Elektro Fitness (EMS) in Breukelen. His strong desire to help others stems from his deep empathy and compassion for those facing health challenges, which has been a guiding force throughout his life. Elektro Fitness offers a highly effective and efficient way to get in shape, maintain fitness, and push one’s limits to reach new heights of physical performance.

The Human Body a Self-Sustaining Miracle

The lymphatic system plays a crucial role in the daily detoxification of the body. While physical strength is important, the immune system is equally critical in maintaining overall health. By engaging in regular exercise, reducing stress, and consuming a balanced and nutritious diet, you can support the proper functioning of the lymphatic system – your body’s own purification system. Top athletes like LeBron James understand the importance of the lymphatic system and have been utilizing pressotherapy for many years to enhance their well-being. At Manggorobe, we are thrilled to offer this innovative technology and to help our clients achieve their health goals


Change, Results and Success

Are you striving for a healthier work-life balance, proper nutrition, and regular exercise? Or do you wish to overcome negative patterns in your lifestyle and thinking? Either way, we are here to help. At Manggorobe, we support you in your journey towards success, results, and positive change. With us, you can take your health and well-being to the next level, and achieve your desired outcomes.

Choose Whatever You Need

At Manggorobe, we offer a comprehensive approach to health and wellness that combines Electro Fitness, Pressotherapy, and proper nutrition. Our approach combines the latest scientific advancements with a focus on treatment and lifestyle, resulting in a winning formula for optimal health. We invite you to share your goals, aspirations, or health concerns with us. Our team is dedicated to listening and providing personalized support to help you reach your objectives. So why wait? Book an Electro Fitness trial class or Pressotherapy trial treatment today and experience the benefits for yourself. Together, let’s work towards a healthier and happier you.