What we do

Fit in 20 Minute. Train and move with the help of electrical impulses.

A cosmetic and medical method to combat cellulite and obesity.

Staying healthy is eating healthy. Guidance and a kickstart will help you move forward.

The most effective form for incorporating movement into the hustle and bustle of a workday.

Utus Papilaja

Our concept combines strength and cardio EMS Fitness classes with supportive nutrition and wellness therapies. Manggorobe shifts the obsession with body composition to performance, with the belief (and evidence) that better performance comes with aesthetic changes. A much healthier approach that promotes longevity, better mental health and being fit as a lifelong pursuit. We invite you to join our community.

See What The People Say

Electro Fitness feels like cheating because you don’t have to do much. But the results are incredible. And after only a few weeks. My joint pain disappeared and my greatest passion, skiing, was back as before. My muscles are so much stronger and the strain on my joints is much less. Really I feel 10 years younger because of Electro Fitness. What an amazing feeling!

Bart Buiter - film producer

With Electro Fitness and personal coaching from Utus, my mental and physical health have improved significantly. Ordinary fitness is really far too taxing on my back. But Electro Fitness can, does and works. As a result, I went into my back surgery fit and could start my recovery process just two weeks later. Electro Fitness is my salvation, so I can enjoy life without pain.

Danielle van der Weij - education consultant trainer & coach

I strictly followed the Sportfasting cure and Utus guided me intensively in this. He even delivered the treatment to my home by bike, how cool is that! It gave me a boost with a significant weight loss as a result. Utus motivated me to continue and I succeeded. Now I exercise more and pay better attention to my diet.

Lars Bremekamp - school principal