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Electrify Your Workouts with Electro Fitness. Maximize Your Movement in 20 min with the Power of Electrical Impulses.

An Innovative Solution for Fighting Cellulite and Obesity.

Eating healthy is key to good health. Get expert guidance and a jumpstart to make progress towards your wellness goals.

A workout solution that seamlessly fits into a busy work schedule for maximum impact and results.

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Manggorobe is the first EMS & Pressotherapy studio in Brooklyn, Utrecht. The ideal place for individuals seeking a radiant appearance and a healthy body. In our cozy and supportive environment, we offer attention and guidance to achieve goals such as muscle building, fat burning and physical fitness. From customized nutritional advice and fitness programs to non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

Manggorobe is an excellent choice for individuals striving for the best in a safe and welcoming environment. Discover the opportunities Manggorobe offers to take beauty and wellness to the next level.

Hear From Our Satisfied Customers

Electro Fitness has been a game-changer for me. I never thought that a workout could be so effortless yet produce such incredible results. In just a few weeks, my joint pain has disappeared and I’m back to doing what I love – skiing. My muscles have never felt stronger and the impact on my joints is much more manageable. I truly feel 10 years younger thanks to Electro Fitness. It’s an amazing feeling.

Bart Buiter - film producer

I experienced major health improvements with Electro Fitness and guidance from Utus. Conventional exercise was too harsh on my back, but Electro Fitness was the solution. Thanks to being in great shape prior to my back surgery, I was able to start my recovery just two weeks later. Electro Fitness has been a lifesaver, allowing me to live pain-free.

Danielle van der Weij - education consultant trainer & coach

My transformation with Sportfasting and Utus’s expert guidance was remarkable. Utus went the extra mile and even brought the treatment to my doorstep by bike. I lost weight, felt energized and was inspired to keep it up with regular exercise and healthier eating habits.

Lars Bremekamp - school principal